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Intermittent receiving Audio at RPG300

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Intermittent receiving Audio at RPG300

RPG is at off shore office with satellite link, the round trip ping latency is approx 500ms without much package lost ( less than 0.5% base on HDX Tx and RX call statistic) call was connected at 128K and 256K.  Also test from HDX8000 to other off shore site with similar latency which is OK but they are using HDX and Cisco.


Any clue what goes wrong on this?


Thank you

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Re: Intermittent receiving Audio at RPG300

Try to do the test again with the local site (GS300) audio muted.


What is the output of the audio on the GS300?  If it is directly through the display try changing the mode on the display to game mode (or something with a similar tag).  Also try using an external audio system to see if that helps.


Some displays actually 'process' video to enhance it and in doing so they delay audio to keep lip sync, by doing so with interactive technologies like video they actually delay it beyond the echo cancellers and that could be causing the issue.

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