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Invite HDX systems into a multipart Lync2013 meeting

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Invite HDX systems into a multipart Lync2013 meeting


Our customer has two HDX 6000 and one HDX 7000 systems that they use With Lync. A few weeks ago they had Lync 2010 and firmware 3.1.0 on the HDX systems and everything was working just fine.


Last week they upgraded to Lync 2013 and upgraded all HDX systems With the latest 3.1.2_35267 firmware.

Now there is an issue when they are tying to invite the HDX systems in to a multipart conference Meeting on Lync2013.


There are no problem calling the system point-to-point from a Lync Client to the HDX or the other way around, from HDX to a Lync Client. And after calling the HDX system from a Lync Client you can add other participants and the Lync system switches over to multipart conference and it Works fine. But you can not add a HDX system after the multipart Conference is started. E.g you can not start With two or more participants on Lync Meeting and then add a HDX system.


This was possible in Lync 2010. Is there a fix for this?


We have found a temporary workaround by using the calendar function on the HDX, and then use that to join the Meeting from the HDX side, but that is not preferable since they want the organizer of the Meeting to Control the large Meeting rooms where the HDX systems are located. And often there are users in those large Meeting rooms that are not familiar With Lync or how to use the HDX systems.



Øyvind Steinnes

AV Fusion Norge AS

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