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Issues between 3 HDX 6000 endpoints

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Issues between 3 HDX 6000 endpoints

Hi there.


I'm having some cailing issues between 3 HDX 6000 endpoints. All 3 are placed behind a Cisco ASA 5550 router - and all of these are configured as the guide that Polycom offered me earlier (Thanks again :)).


From the 1 endpoint, I can call the two other endpoints with success. BUT, when calling from location 2 to location 3 I receive and error (The Call could not be completed, cause the route was configured throgh an intermediate network.....)

Same error when calling from 3 to 2.


An overview:

Endpoint 1 calls endpoint 2 and 3 with success.

Endpoint 2 calls endpoint 1 with success, but to endpoint 3 fails

Endpoint 3 calls endpoint 1 with success, but to endpoint 2 fails.


Any one having a clue on what could be the problem?


The guide to configure an ASA 5550 only shows how to configure an endpoint, if the endpoint is the only device on the network - could I have missed something here?


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Re: Issues between 3 HDX 6000 endpoints

Are all 3 HDX6000 configured the same inh Admin>Network>IP>Firewall?

Is there another Firewall/Router between 2 & 3  that does not affect the route between 1 & the other 2 devices?


A goods starting point for Admin>Network>IP>Firewall is

Open TCP 1720 bidirectionally, tick "Use Fixed Ports" & open the resulting TCP & UDP ranges.

Write a static route for the same ports.

DO NOT assume your router/firewall is H.460 so turn that off.

Set a manual NAT & enter your public IP address.

Also do not assume your router/firewall is H.323 compatible even if it thinks it is. (Many do VoIP H.323 OK but can't do video H.323).

So turn off "NAT is H.323 aware".

Address to display in Global Directory simply ensures that the public IP address is displayed on the Home screen & other lookups.

This is desirable as users see "My IP Address" on the Home screen & will quote that, even if it is 10.x.x.x, 192.168.x.x or 172.16.x.x & totally unroutable.


Alternatively, if you have need of multiple devices behind a single public IP, I'd ghet myself a Polycom VBP.



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