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Issues with placing/receiving calls on RealPresence Group 500

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Issues with placing/receiving calls on RealPresence Group 500

Hi All, we're having a few troubles here with placing / receiving videoconference calls on RealPresence Group 500. Software 6.1.4.

When dialling the test service (and at approx 09:25 UTC today, sometimes the call would be picked up but sometimes it wouldn't. When it connected the left screen (reciving party) was black, counted up the seconds of the call and there was no sound. On the right screen (us) the video showed OK. The video loopback test etc worked OK, and the device is connected to the network OK. 

When dialling one of our colleagues in Riga, it says dialling 89.xx.xx.xx but there is no dialtone. After 5 seconds the attempt just stops. 

Our firewall which is a Watchguard Firebox variant is H.323 compliant, also we have the following ports open Any External to Polycom IP, and Polycom IP to Any External - TCP 1720, UDP 1719, TCP/UDP 3230-3291, TCP 49152-65535, UDP 16384-65535. 

Any ideas of what we can do next to troubleshoot it? Of course we have power cycled the unit too.

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Re: Issues with placing/receiving calls on RealPresence Group 500

Hi Roger,

what are your actual settings on your GS500 under IP Network > Firewall?

To keep it short, check "fixed Ports", uncheck H.460 FW Traversal, NAT Configuration = Auto (Group should display your external IP, if not choose "manual" and enter your WAN-IP). Uncheck NAT is H.323 compatible.

Open TCP an UDP ports you see on this page, plus 1720 TCP on your Firewall (in- and outgoing) and forward them to your GS500 (1:1 NAT). Should work...

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