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Low framerate issues

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Low framerate issues

I have a VS4000.  I have a great internet connection (21mpps down, and about 5 up).  My main issue is that the far end looks and sounds great, running an average around 30 frames per second.  They tell me my video is choppy, so I check what I'm sending, and I see I'm only transmitting around 4-15 frames per second.  Any sugguestions on what to do here?  I'm new to Polycom and might need directions as to do certain things you tell me to.


Thank you in advance.

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Re: Low framerate issues

First thing to do is determine where the problem lies.  Is it with your side, the far side or something in the middle (the network).

Test your side first by placing a video call with another video system that is on the same LAN segment as yours. If you do not have another system handy try downloading the Polycom m100 TelePresence software and install it on a laptop.

The m100 is a full blown video system for laptops that have a camera installed.

Place a call between the two and see if your results are the same as when calling to a far site.

If the video is fine then the issue is with either the network or the farend you are calling.


m100 can be found at the below link. The trial version is a full blown version that runs for 30 days.

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Re: Low framerate issues

Hi Ken,

Lucky for me I have 2 VS4000 so I can run internal diagnostics that way.  When calling each other (my LAN) in my building I get an average frame rate of about 50 or 60 on both Tx and Rx.  Now, when I call Polycom Austin IP, my numbers move to about 10 or 12 sending, and 30 recieving.


I thought I'd test our internet connection.  Here are the results:  Ping, 11ms      18.38Mbps down,     4.87Mbps up.


It's possible something may need to be changed in the Polycom settings, but I don't know what I'd need to adjust.  What advice do you have with the new information I provided?


Thank you ahead of time Ken,


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