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Lync and Multipoint

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Lync and Multipoint

Hi All,


I'm running an RMX version, with RTV/CCCP license enabled. Our environment consists of mainly HDX's with RTV also and we operate Lync 2013 off a 2010 server (upgrading to 2013 at the end of the year).


I understand that if a user dials into a HDX utilising the RTV then the internal MCU is disabled and the unit cannot connect any further calls.


I've noticed that you can however call multiple Lync users from the HDX - so ultimately a HDX can do Lync multipoint if it initiates the calls, otherwise you have to use a virtual meeting room via the RMX - is this correct?


I'm looking for advice/guidance on how other people are using Lync and Polycom in their environment. If you have multiple Lync users wanting to connect to an endpoint are you directing them to use virtual meeting rooms? Do you assign virtual meeting rooms to endpoints? If you are using VMR's do you still need to purchase an RTV license for your endpoints?


Any advice appreciated.



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