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Lync interoperability with Polycom Endpoint (HDX and Group) without RMX or DMA

Lync interoperability with Polycom Endpoint (HDX and Group) without RMX or DMA

Hi All,


We manage a relatively large number of organizations in the Public sector (Education, Governmental and non-profit etc) here in Wales (around 75+). We provide them with the necessary infrastructure to make a receive video calls, and we manage their internal video conferencing systems - the infrastructure essentially boils down to Cisco VCS devices that enable gatekeeper and SIP registrar functionality, dial planning, and firewall traversal. A third party provides external MCU and videoconferencing booking facilities for pretty much the whole of the UK Education (and some public sector) community.


Each organisation has a limited number of video system and as such their internal infrastructure does not really require anything such as the RMX or DMA solutions. All of these organisation are more concerned with inter-organisation videoconferencing, rather than internal videoconferencing and as such the system works reasonably well.


However, many organisations are now turning to Lync to enable their internal users desktop conferencing facilities. Obviously, with the HDX and Group Series systems, there is the option of a Lync Interoperability and multipoint licence (TIP is enablesd as well, although this is something we would not reequire), and as such we have acquired a loan unit (Group 700 running 4.2) to test its capabilities. The ability to call a VC device directly from Lync would be quite appealing, however, after setting up the unit and connecting it with our Lync 2013 deployment, there are a number of questions that spring to mind.


  1. One of the most important feature in our community would be the need to share content between connected devices. I had interpreted (and re-read, probably misinterpreted), that the Polycom endpoint would be able to render and send content direct to Lync clients. I do understand that this involves the transcodeing of the secondary (H.239) video stream (that will use H.264 video CODEC) to RDP as used by Lync and vice versa, but has hoping that the Polycom device would have the CPU capacity to transcoded this on the fly. When I attempt to send content to the device form Lync, I am informed that the calling device cannot receive content.
  2. Assuming that I cannot send content directly to the endpoint form Lync (and vise versa), I'm guessing I would need the "Polycom Content Sharing Suite Software". However, on checking out requirements for this, am I right in thinking that this also requires both RMX and DMA to work?
  3. The Group 700 I have on loan has a multipoint licence installed that should enable 4 calls to be joined on the one device. However, will this enable both Lync and standards based H.323 calls to be joined into a single conference. It does seem possible to get both H.323 and Lync endpoints connected at the same time on the Group 700 (you need to establish the H.323 call first, then dial out to the Lync client form the Polycom - if you try this the other way round, the Polycom will either complain that the "meeting is full", or if you dial in, the only option you get is to Hang up the Lync participant to answer the H.323 one, or ignore the call). However, even with both in the call, I can't see any video or hear any audio on the Lync client, although I can hear the Lync client on the other endpoints (although no video is transmitted either). Is this expected behavior?

If anyone has thoughts or comments on this, I would appreciate it.





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Re: Lync interoperability with Polycom Endpoint (HDX and Group) without RMX or DMA

Interestingly, when I posted this, the top two suggested topics to look at were:


Interoperability: Our Perspective. Part 1: “Pervasive” Is The Standard We Should All Live By




Interoperability: Our Perspective. Part 2: What the customer wants…


These were only post recently by Michael Frendo, and I agree with his sentiments entirely, but as the 'Executive Vice President of Worldwide Engineering for Polycom', I wonder what he makes of my comments.......

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Re: Lync interoperability with Polycom Endpoint (HDX and Group) without RMX or DMA

If you have been able to resolve or get the response , request to share .

Group series 500 call to Lync and h.323 codec using internal multipoint in same call.
Sumurai Jack.
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Re: Lync interoperability with Polycom Endpoint (HDX and Group) without RMX or DMA

Hi Sumurai Jack,


Unfortunately, all the responses I have received so far are shown above (i.e., none!).


I saw you other post and I wish you better luck than I have had.






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Polycom Employee

Re: Lync interoperability with Polycom Endpoint (HDX and Group) without RMX or DMA

Hi Chris

Regarding your 1st question

Even when Group Series is registered with Lync server, you would not be able to share content between Lync clients and the Group Series (whether point to point or via Lync AVMCU) because Group Series do not support RDP protocol.

To enable content sharing, you would need backend infrastructure (DMA7000, RMX bridge and Content Sharing Suite). In this scenario, there is no need for Group Series to register with Lync server anymore. It can register to the DMA7000 (H.323 or SIP).

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Re: Lync interoperability with Polycom Endpoint (HDX and Group) without RMX or DMA

Hi HappyMonk,


Thanks for you response and indeed I eluded to this in the question. The problem we have from our point of view (and that of our customers) is that this does NOT make the Group Series "Interoperable" with Lync, at best is makes them compatible. Given what the Group Series is and the CPU resources available, you would have thought on on the fly trsancodeing or support for RDP would have been de rigours, and would then approach the statements made by your 'Executive Vice President of Worldwide Engineering for Polycom', Michael Frendo. At the moment this is NOT "Pervasive".....


And your last sentence answers the crux of the question and indeed makes the whole idea of even contemplating a Polycom deployment almost nonsensical. Shame.

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Polycom Employee & Community Manager

Re: Lync interoperability with Polycom Endpoint (HDX and Group) without RMX or DMA

Hello Chris_Swinney,


welcome back to the Polycom Community.


Polycom has always been on the front of interoperability with other third party vendors and currently offers solutions to use LYNC with an existing Polycom infrastructure.

As already explained in my older reply to yourselves some features may be planned for future releases but due NDA cannot be discussed within the community.


I would suggest to work with your Polycom reseller and via them get in touch with a Polycom sales engineer so they can share the roadmap with yourself.

Please ensure to provide some feedback if this reply has helped you so other users can profit from your experience.

Best Regards

Steffen Baier

Polycom Global Services

The title Polycom Employee & Community Manager is a community setting and does not reflect my role. I am just a simple volunteer in the community like everybody else. My official "day" Job is 3rd Level support at Poly but I am unable to provide official support via the community.


Notice: This community forum is not an official Poly support resource, thus responses from Poly employees, partners, and customers alike are best-effort in attempts to share learned knowledge. If you need immediate and/or official assistance please open a service ticket through your proper support channels.
Please also ensure you always check the VoIP , Video Endpoint , Skype for Business , PSTN or RPM FAQ's
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Re: Lync interoperability with Polycom Endpoint (HDX and Group) without RMX or DMA

Hi Steffen,


Indeed, we have trying to arrange a visit down to see Polycom UK HQ, but it hasn't come though as yet. Will keep trying. We used to visit all the major manufactures every year, but we havn't done this for a while.



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