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[MOVED] VSX 7000 no microphone Audio

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[MOVED] VSX 7000 no microphone Audio


I have VSX 7000

Serial Number:820403040501AK
Software Version: Release 5.1 - 31Oct2003 13:55


And Raidvison XT5000


I'm able to estabish a conference call however the VSX7000 does not send transmit audio from mic to the other end (XT5000)

However, i'm able to receive audio from the far end.


Is it an update issue?


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Re: [MOVED] VSX 7000 no microphone Audio

Do you get local audio when the system is put into loopback, does the audio bars show the room audio and have you tested to a test site like:


Test your video at: or
Digital Video Loopback at:
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Don't read Sniffer pcaps, use VTC-Call Stream Inspection
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