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Moving from Teams to Zoom with Trio 8500

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Moving from Teams to Zoom with Trio 8500


New Polycom user here. We have purchased a location that has a polycom hp srs medium room bundle video conferencing kit with hp elite and used TEAMS. This bundle comes with the HP Elite SliceG2 Audio, TRIO 8500 and the EagleEye IV USB Camera. They used this setup with Teams amd I am guessing TEAMS Rooms. Based upon what I have found so far this should be able to support ZOOM but I am trying to verify if what I am seeing is true as well as what is needed to make this support happen. I am not sure if this is just a license thing or more of a configuration thing as I have never used polyCom hardware. Anyone know where I can possibly find this information?


Thanks in advance.


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Re: Moving from Teams to Zoom with Trio 8500

Hi @BrentB,


on Poly side, you don´t have to do many things. Set your Trio to Zoom Rooms profile and you are done.

You main problem will be the HP slice. I suggest to contact HP or Zoom and ask them for the Zoom build/image. Normally this is a preconfigured device with a Teams or Zoom configuration on it and from my knowledge you can´t easily switch it. 

Second option is, leave it as it is, enable "3rd party join" on the Teams Room and you will be able to join scheduled Zoom meetings. 



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Re: Moving from Teams to Zoom with Trio 8500

Trio indeed has dedicated Zoom mode, but it works only as a speakerphone and room controller. It cannot be a standalone device, there is a need for a PC with Zoom Room app (as mshu suggested, you could try contacting HP/Zoom and ask if they can share an appropriate image).


Normally you will also need Zoom Room license, which is and additional license for Zoom paid plans (Pro and up). However recently Zoom also introduced something called Zoom for Home, which works also with free accounts, so you could give it a try. 


Of course you could always use HP Slice in Windows mode with standard Zoom client, and just connect camera and Trio as a USB devices. In such scenario you probably would need some kind of mouse/keyboard to make your life easier.




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