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Multiple Content / Video Inputs

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Multiple Content / Video Inputs

My apologies if this is in the wrong forum.


I have a Real Presence 500 with a PC plugged into the VGA Video Input and a Barco Clickshare in the HDMI Video Input.


Both work independently, however when trying to 'flick' between the inputs if the HDMI is active, then the VGA won't show.


Is it possible to have a 3rd content source so I can change between the HDMI and VGA (or show both at once).





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Re: Multiple Content / Video Inputs

Welcome to the forum and you are in the right place.


The GS 500 has 2 video inputs, one is the HDCI, High Definition Camera Interface, the other is the input that can be either HDMI or VGA and only one of them can be active at one time.  Also the digital input (HDMI) takes precedence over the analog input (VGA).  To get to the analog input the digital input has to not have a device connected to it that has power.


Using the API and a control device you can change the preference from digital to analog and back, that would be another solution.  For information on the API see the Integrator's Reference Guide on the support web site.


Without some type of external mixing equipment you can not show the two content inputs at the same time.


The GS 700 has additional video inputs on it that would allow your user to select between different content inputs.  You can also define the inputs as people or content so if your application involves the need to see 2 different inputs at one time you can use that and define one of your content inputs as people and send both content inputs at the same time.  It would of course replace the people content (generally the camera).  Since the GS 700 can support both people and content at 1080p/60 you would get really good quality no matter if it were People or Content.

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Re: Multiple Content / Video Inputs

Hi There,


I could not find on Integrator's Reference Guide the API regarding changing from Digital to Analog.


Could you please be more specific?

We will be using a 3rd party Control in order to invoke that change. We will be controlling PSG 500 with RTI processor via RS-232 connection.


Thanks in advanced.



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Re: Multiple Content / Video Inputs

Look in the IRG for the API command 'camerainput'


Gets or sets the format for a video source.
camerainput <1..4> <get|component|composite|hdmi|vga>

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Re: Multiple Content / Video Inputs


Thanks for your reply!


We are dealing with a critical boardroom where they asked our company to have an emergency path when playing content. In case of Matrix 4x4's faillure they want an alternative for playing content. Please find attached the picture.


I only see VGA-IN as this path.


Any other thoughts?


Best Regards




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Re: Multiple Content / Video Inputs

the VGA is another path to content in.  If the HDMI content input is not 'hot' and the VGA path is then it would be selected.  Digital input (HDMI) takes precedence when both inputs are active.


The other alternative is using the Pano app and connecting directly to the GS codec with that.

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