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Multiple EE III in one HDX 7002

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Multiple EE III in one HDX 7002

Hi Community


We have a HDX 7002, but we need to connect 6 EE III from diferent rooms, the codec is asigned to one room at time, so i think one solution is 6 Digital Extender conected to 6 DBA (cam) with HDMI output conected to a HDMI SWITCH, one HDMI output from this switch conected to one DBA (codec) and this conected to DCI HDX 7000 port.


Each serial out from DBA will we connected to a control system.


Anybody have been a similar case??



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Re: Multiple EE III in one HDX 7002

EE III is analog camera with YPbPr (component) output

IIRC HDX doesn't support digital signal on HDCI input

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Re: Multiple EE III in one HDX 7002

You would need to breakout the EEIII analog signal and route it through a switcher that supports the Polycom cameras, like something from AMX or Crestron.  You also have to connect the control (DB9) to the control system for it to work.

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