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Multiple Lync Calls with HDX7000

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Multiple Lync Calls with HDX7000

Hi, we have a Polycom HDX7000 and used to be able to have upto 4 Lync users call in from their PC's and take apart in an ad hoc video conference.


In order for us to enable Lync for Mac video calls to work on the unit we enabled the RTV license. This worked well but we are now only able to establish one Lync connection at at a time to the HDX unit from both a PC or a Mac. The polycom's Lync presence now shows as busy during a call where as before the RTV license it would still show as available.


What extra kit is required here in order for us to establish multiple Lync connections with the RTV license enabled? Is it a Polycom Touch Control unit?


HDX firmware was upgraded last month.


Thanks for reading.

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