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Multipoint License isnt registering

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Multipoint License isnt registering

Hello All thankyou for reading - I have a VSX 8000 codec.


I just purcahsed a serial to enable Multipoint Feature.


I entered the generated code but for some reason I'm not able to enable Multipoint- Can soomeone help here is my serial - 


I hope i didnt buy the wrong code - 




Thank you very much.



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Re: Multipoint License isnt registering

Hi there...

the mp key has been generated, according to the polycom support page.

Enter this one "KF31-3991-F450-0000-0001" on your vsx options page.


Just to clarify one thing:

Your vsx has the serial number you´ve posted ?


When you try to activate a vsx or hdx option, you have to enter your license key and your vsx or hdx serial number.

The option is then tied to that specific serial number (that vsx or hdx machine) and can´t be used on another codec.

That means that, when you´ve bought that serial number you´ve posted above, you won´´t be able to use that option because the license has already been activated for another machine.


Kind regards,
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Re: Multipoint License isnt registering

Thank you for your response.


Yest that the serial number for the codec I purchased the Multipoint Key for.


That is the exact serial key i'm using but for some reason when I enter it I dont get the option to enable Multipoint.


Not sure what I'm doing wrong?


Any suggestions?

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Re: Multipoint License isnt registering

Please try with K1039-5740-6021-2220, which is avaialable in activation history section.

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Re: Multipoint License isnt registering

Just check what is the software version your using in the machine if it is not the same as version 9.0 the key wont accepted by the machine you need to upgrade the machine with propoer software version


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Re: Multipoint License isnt registering

Go0d call from Stephen.  If it doies need V9.0 you should re-instate your maintenance contract, Exp. 31/07/2012.

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Re: Multipoint License isn't registering



So I looked into this for you. I found that MP key K1039-5740-6021-2220 is a 4 Way MP key. The VSX 8000 needs a 6 Way MP key. I can only recommend you go back to the reseller you got the key from and ask for a VSX 6 Way MP key from them. 

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Re: Multipoint License isn't registering

In which case the license key should have been rejected by the portal with an appropriate error message.  I've been working with VSXs since their launch & I had missed this vital point.  Good luck tfahie2000.

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Re: Multipoint License isn't registering

hi i want to know the multipoint licence key for my hdx7000 . could you please help me.

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Re: Multipoint License isn't registering

Hello sakthiganesan,

welcome to the Polycom Community.

The community's Video FAQ contains this post here:

Jun 22,2014 Question: How can I activate / check / verify / recover my license?

Please check this post in the Software Licensing section => here <=

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Best Regards

Steffen Baier

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