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Mute Call In Users

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Mute Call In Users

So I know its possible to mute auto answered callers, but was wondering if it is possible to auto mute call in video users that call into a meeting. I have multiple Group Series and HDX that call into a DMA Meeting on my RMX. I would like the participants to be automatically placed on mute but not the lecturer. I've tried mute all participants but lecturer but occasionally the joining sites will have Questions and Answers or want to join in on the conversation, plus I'm not sure how to force a specific room to be lecturer. I would also like this done on the endpoints rather than on the RMX if possible.



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Re: Mute Call In Users

Speaking for the endpoints.  This is not possible from the endpoint (EP) without access to the EP from the web UI.  You can control the EP that way.

There are also 3rd party applications that are virtual remotes that can be used to control an EP.

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