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NAT 1:1 Polycom VSX 7000

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NAT 1:1 Polycom VSX 7000

Hello can you give me some help in setting up a Polycom VSX 7000 videoconference, I already performed the steps below, but when making a connection to another host, the same happens but there is no sound and image return.

1 - Creation of Virtual IP, ARP proxy type, with public IP;
2 - Performed the configuration of NAT 1: 1, pointing External IP 189.20.108.XX and Internal IP;
3 - In the WAN interface, I performed the configuration of the following ports:

TCP Destination 3230-3252
UDP Destination 3030-3225
UDP Destination 16386-25386
TCP Destination 14085-15084
UDP Destination 1719
UDP Destination 10000-20000
UDP Destination 5060
TCP Destination 1720
TCP Destination 49152-65535
UDP Destination 16384-327264

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