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No audio for incoming H.323 calls in m100

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No audio for incoming H.323 calls in m100

Hello all,


I had purchased Polycom PVX and setup my firewall to get the software working with someone who has a Polycom HDX 7000 HD on an external network.  We could make calls in both directions without any issues, PVX -> 7000 and 7000 -> PVX.  I then heard about the new m100 with Windows 7 support and downloaded the trial.  I have been testing it and having some issues.  When I call the HDX 7000 with m100, video and audio works fine.  When the HDX 7000 calls me in m100, video works fine, but there is no audio.


I had ports 3230-3237 (TCP & UDP) and 1720 TCP open at first.  I have added port 1731 TCP but I'm still having the same problem.  I have tested this out on a Windows 7 and XP machine with the same results.  I'm using H.323 and not SIP.


I have setup two computers on the internal network, both with m100 and used Wireshark to monitor the connection.  I only saw ports 1720 and 3230-3237 being used regularly.  I H.225 and H.245 protocols setup another port to be used, which naturally varied for each call.  These worked fine though with no issues.  One computer was the Windows 7 computer and the other was the Windows XP computer that I was using to test calls from the HDX 7000 above.


Are there anymore ports that need to be opened to get m100 to work when receiving calls from the outside?  Is there anything else I should check or do?

Thank you for any help.

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Re: No audio for incoming H.323 calls in m100

I have a similar prob.  a caller from outside our school network calls in to our HDX7000 from a m100 running on Windows 7 pro.  The call comes from France.  The vid is OK, but the audio is not.  Wome of the times, we can't get audio at all.  Other times, we can hear the caller, but she cannot hear us.  Most recently, we tested the call from the same Windows 7 machine, but from here in the states, This time, we got vid instantly as usual, and audio came along in another 45-90 seconds!  I have been communicating with low level Polycom support, who confers with the engineers, who tell us that we have firewall issues, but the connection on the HDX side is on a public addresss with no firewalling, and we have tested with the windows firewall off on the Windows 7 mhachie running m100.  We have actually had a call where we had both vid and audio, but the audio dropped out after a minute and we could not get it back after trying multiple calling for over an hour.


What's most difficult is the inconsistency.  Here's another case, for example:  when the caller places an m100 call from France to another HDX here in NJ, the call--both vid and audio, is just fine!  I've had VidConfs here with my HDX7000 with no prob. 


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