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Not able to connect the Destination VC
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Not able to connect the Destination VC

Dear All


Please support.


We are getting an error while connecting HDX-6000 Polycom from India to Itally. Vise versa is working.


Error Message "Your call could not be completed because the call was routed through an intermidiate network that does not service the far site. Contact your network administrator for assistance"



We are connecting from India to itally both having HDX polycom. Call was connecting from itally to india. But when we are dialing from india to itally, It's encountering an error and showing the above message.





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Joe Vallender
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Re: Not able to connect the Destination VC

SIP or H.323?  Does the call hit/ring the destination unit?  What gatekeepers are involved?  Do the log files give any indication?  You might need to do a packet capture to find out how far the call gets and what is being blocked/not responded to.

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