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Occasional Echo on our Group Series 500.

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Occasional Echo on our Group Series 500.

I am experiencing a really annoying problem where by occasionally we join a 3-4 way video call between 3 x polycom group 500 and sometimes a Tandberg MX85 system and one of the sites will experience a delay between picture and voice.  This throws off the codec echo cancellation and we end up with audio echoing all over the place.


When it occurs I have each site mute there mic until we find the culprit site.  On all occasions so far it have been one of two group 500 units.  To resolve the issue, I disconnect the problem site, reboot the codec and re-join the call.  This can hold the meeting up by 10-15 minutes.  The issue is not room/accoustic related and is very intermittent.


It really desn't look good as it's usually senior management attending the call, who recently signed off on the PO for all this shiny new polycom kit.


I am linking the sites via a 3rd party provider (polycom bridge) who claim to not have had the issue before.  But I have also experienced it once previously with a point to point call between two Group 500 units.  However most of our calls are with our provider.


Can anyone offer any assistance or advice?


I should add, I am currently running Release - 5.0.2-290015 but about to install 5.1.1-300113.  It has also occured on previous releases of the software.

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Re: Occasional Echo on our Group Series 500.

Make sure that your microphone arrays are at least 10' away from the speakers in the room.


Make sure that your audio system volume is set to about 60%, then used the volume control on the video system to adjust it, not on the audio system (i.e. your display).


Try setting stereoSurround on.  That may help.

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