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POlycom VS4000 - access problem

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POlycom VS4000 - access problem

dear all,


I've a Ploycom VS4000 but I cannot access to the Admin Setup due a wrong password. Is it possible to reset the actual password and how to do that.


Many thanks in advance for your support.

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Re: POlycom VS4000 - access problem

I've just checked on our FX (yes they are still in use!).

Go Menu, System Info & record the System S#.  Thyen go Diagnostics & Reset System (nice icon with a guy with a sledgehammer!). Enter the S# & reset system.  The S# is System Info is a shortened version of the full 14 digit S# on the chassis.  You may need the latter to reset.

Once restarted the S# will be the default admin password.

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