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Pairing PTC with HDX 7000 -

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Pairing PTC with HDX 7000 -

I've inherited a Polycom Touch Control and am trying to pair it with our HDX 7000.


PTC Panel Software: 5.0.0.-211246
PTC OS Version: 5.0.0-411
HDX Software Version: 3.0.6-37004 (Hardware Rev C).


The problem I'm having is that this PTC seems to have previously been paired to a RealPresence Group System (there's a red banner across the top of the screen telling me it's unavailable). I went into the pairing settings on the device and told it to forget that device (using the button at the bottom right). But now I cannot get it to give me the option to pair it to the HDX. If I try to pair on the device, it tells me: "The Touch Control is paired with a Polycom Realpresence Group Series sytem but the connection has been lost." When I look at the Connect to Device screen, the Device is fixed at RealPresence Group Series system; I can't change it.


If I go into the web-based admin on the PTC, it literally only lists "RealPresence Group" in the drop-down menu of system types to pair to. But It also tells me that the PTC is not paired to any device, so I can't reconcile the error messages I noted above; if it's not paired, why is it even trying to find a RealPresence system?


So, long story short, it's still telling me it's paired to the other system, even though I've cleared the IP totally (using the "Forget this Device" button in the pairing settings). I've performed a factory refresh (a couple times over), and I've installed the software listed as correct for HDX 3.0.6 (well, I installed the version listed as compatible with HDX 3.0.5, since there wasn't one listed for 3.0.6). Still nothing. Can anyone tell me how to clear the original pairing completely and get it paired to our HDX?

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Re: Pairing PTC with HDX 7000 -

Your Polycom Touch Control is running software to work with the Group Series systems.


A Polycom Touch Control needs to be running software designed to work with the HDX Series systems and will need to be on the right version to pair with your HDX 7000.



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Re: Pairing PTC with HDX 7000 -

I ran an additional reset after trying this, and it seems that the device did actually finally update the software (the boot splash screen has changed). Now when it boots, the setup wizard comes up. I select the language, and hit Next, and the app crashes to an Android home screen. I can relaunch the setup app from the app launcher, but it will crash each time. I've got two theories of how this happened:



The HDX 7000 page listed the compatible version of the PTC software for our system as 1.5, which I installed. I see in that linked PDF that it actually adds in the footnote that hardware version 6 (which this device is) requires software version 1.6 or above. 


I also noticed in this thread an additional stated requirement that wasn't listed anywhere else (that the media must be formatted FAT32). Mine was not (it was FAT16).


So, it appears the device now has a failed install on it. I've tried to start the process over using version 1.6, and the install from the USB stick immediately fails with the message that "some touch control software wasn't installed." The device then reboots to the Android home screen.


I've tried reflashing it with every version above 1.5 and no dice on any of them. Is there any way to recover the device from this state?

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Re: Pairing PTC with HDX 7000 -

Hello mehtajr,

welcome to the Polycom Community.

If your PTC is Hardware Version 6 then you are correct you cannot install anything below 1.6


Usually as you already discovered you need FAT32 and both the Touch Control Operating System and the Touch Control Panel Software. 


Unzip both into the same directory and ignore all warnings about overwriting files.


This is usually the way to prepare the update.


You may want to look into a factory restore as described in the HDX admin Guide on page 12-6 => here <=


The next step would be to work with your Polycom reseller or if unavailable or out of warranty call Polycom support directly but you may be charged an Pay Per Incident / PPI fee.

Please ensure to provide some feedback if this reply has helped you so other users can profit from your experience.

Best Regards

Steffen Baier

Polycom Global Services


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