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Paring HDX with Ipad

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Paring HDX with Ipad

In new Release notes for software version 3.1.0 you have chapter named: Smart Pairing in Manual Mode.

You can now pair an Apple iPad device with an HDX system by entering the
HDX system IP address on the iPad. Once the iPad is paired, you can use the
iPad to control the HDX system, performing such tasks as placing or ending a
call, controlling volume, and using DTMF touch tones.


How exactly can you do this?

Where are some guides how to connect Ipad with HDX system?

Is this something new or is this supported thru web browser?




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Polycom Employee & Community Manager

Re: Paring HDX with Ipad

Hello Klinman,

welcome to the Polycom Community.

You will require Real Presence Mobile for iPad running on your tablet.


A quick demonstration Video can be found => here <=


For the pairing you can use 3 modes.


  • Disabled => Does not emit a ultrasonic signal
  • Manual => => Does emit a ultrasonic signal (the user will be prompted to enter the admin password if one has been configured)
  • Auto => Emits a ultrasonic signal with a random rotating security key

You would activate the Smart Pairing on the HDX and then on the iPad as shown => here <=


Please ensure to provide some feedback if this reply has helped you so other users can profit from your experience.

Best Regards

Steffen Baier

Polycom Global Services

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Re: Paring HDX with Ipad

Having spent a lot of time in the Pairing world with VTC-Remote, I figured I'd help you out here ! ;)


Ok, when you bring up RPM on the iPad, as you pointed out, you can go to setting in the bottom right hand side of the iPad screen and  go to the menu item "SmartPairing".   Once there, you have two options.


Enable SmartPairing

Auto Detection


Enable SmartPairing is what you want at this point in time.   Click it on and you will see a new icon at the bottom of the screen (next to the settings icon).   This is the smartpairing icon.   Press on it and you will get a menu up that will give you a list of endpoints (HDX/Group) that you can manually pair to.  If the list is empty, that is because you haven't added any systems.


To add a system, click on the manual Pairng.  You will get a box to enter the IP address of the system you wish to pair to. 


If that system is online, you will immediately be taken to a new screen that "looks" like a HDX VTC system.   Once there, you have a few options as you pointed out.   Mute (microphone in the middle), Sliding Volume control at the bottom, Dial button that will bring up a keypad for dialing.   Those are the only items that are currently available.  


Once a call is active, you will see two new buttons.   A keypad to the left of the Mute that allows you to dial DTMF codes if needed and a red hangup button at the bottom of the screen.  You will also notice a static "shadow image" in the simulated screens while the call is up.


If you are on the HDX software that allows for "auto detection" (must be LATER than 3.1 and currently (1/22/13) not yet GA, then when you click on the smartpair button at the bottom of the screen, you will get a list of "auto detected" HDX/Group systems.  This auto detection is done using an ultrasonic signal emitted by the HDX/Group system itself.    Just click on the system and you will be paired to it.


If a system has a password set, you will be prompted for the password when you first pair to it.


Hope that helps,




Gary M



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Re: Paring HDX with Ipad

Hi Steffen


Thanks for answer. This is exactly what I was looking for, some detailed information.


To bad that I can't install application on iPad 1, because it doesn't have camera supported.

I wanted to use it only for remote control.

Does this application works on Iphone 4S?

I downloaded it on iphone, but can't find Smart Pairing icon.
As I see I can only use it as video client.





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Re: Paring HDX with Ipad



If you just want to control your HDX from your ipad (any version) you can go to the Apple store and search for "Polycom".  You will see my VTC-Remote app which has been out for a couple of years..  It works with iPod, iPad (any version), iPhone (any version) and Android devices...


Just passing this along..   (P.S.  My app is free for both iPad and Android).




Gary M

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Re: Paring HDX with Ipad

Yeah, seen it.....i don't like it. I just can't imagine my CIOs using picture of remote on iPad.

I was looking more for simple dedicated buttons (speed dials) and few most used  functionality like camera control, mute, directory, volume.


Anyway, thank for fast respond and help.



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Re: Paring HDX with Ipad

Ok, Let me consider that...  One of the problems is getting something like that thru Apple's approval cycle..  If it were android, I could have it done in a couple days...


Thanks for the input !


Gary M

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Re: Paring HDX with Ipad



I would LOVE something like that in an Android app... Duplicating the remote is a nice POC, but a more tablet friendly UI would be killer.


I like the Polycom Touch Control alot. It is easy to use. I know it's built on Android and I wish that Polycom had the device control side availibel in the Google Play Store. 

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Re: Paring HDX with Ipad

IF someone were to write something like this...   What additional functions would you like on screen... Keeping in mind, the design is supposed to be simple and easy to use...


I have a number of ideas, just looking for other input...


Thoughts ?


Gary M

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Re: Paring HDX with Ipad

Hi Gary


Just wanted to see if you had time to make some of anddroid aps we talked about on previous posts?




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