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Poly G7500 Integration with SoundStructure

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Poly G7500 Integration with SoundStructure


I cannot find any clear documentation on the integration of SoundStructure with G7500.

According to Poly’s customer presentation the Poly Mic IP Adapter is needed for connecting SoundStructure to the G7500, but the G7500 room preparation guide says that you’ll simply connect audio out via 3.5mm to the G7500, so I’m confused (see attached pics)…

Does the Poly IP Microphone adapter support 2-way audio like previously between Group Series and SoundStructure via C-Link or is it audio input only to the G7500?

I plan to install in a training room the G7500 with 2 cascaded EE Director II (presenter + audience), 3 ceiling mics, 1 podium and 2 wireless mics with local sound reinforcement via SoundStructure C16 for in-room trainings and video conferences/webinars.

With local sound reinforcement will the EE Director II mic’s be able to do voice triangulation of the active speaker if his voice is also reinforced through the ceiling speakers all over the training room?






Re: Poly G7500 Integration with SoundStructure

Hi Chris, 

Did you ever get this sorted out? If so what was the resolution?

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