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Poly VideoOS 3.2.x Bugs

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Poly VideoOS 3.2.x Bugs

Due to chronic issues with version 3.2.2-226104 & 3.2.1-224090 I've decided to roll all of my devices back to version 3.1.3. So far I've encountered the following problems w/3.2.x installed on X30s & X50s.

  • Service Request Detail : 1-19826725561: When paired w/a Trio the Trio mics are no longer an audio option and the only solution provided to me is a hard reset which isn't a solution for devices in remote offices. 
  • While in Partner Mode (Zoom Rooms) X30s & X50s will lose Zoom Room activation at random, another issue that cannot be rectified remotely. 
  • Service Request Detail : 1-19800710661: This morning at 5:53 I received an alert that a Zoom Room was offline (X30 & TC8). I could ping it's IP so I knew that it was up but when I attempted to log into the web configurator I was unable to due to an incorrect password error. For some reason it had rolled back to the default admin password (luckily I keep track of the serial numbers of these devices). I logged into it, reset the password and while everything w/the exception of the password seemed to be in order the Zoom Room itself was no longer activated.

    I'd be curious to know if others are having issues as well.

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