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Polycom Debut point to point calling

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Polycom Debut point to point calling

We've got 6 Polycom Debut units and cannot call between them - does anyone have any ideas on how to fix?


We've followed the guides on ports and NAT rules, when you dial the public IP of another of the devices, the call comes through but you cannot answer it. When you click accept, nothing happens and the call eventually times out.


What we've set:


Port 389 (TCP): For ILS registration

Port 1503 (TCP): Microsoft NetMeeting T.120 data sharing

Port 1718 (UDP): Gatekeeper discovery

Port 1719 (UDP): Gatekeeper RAS (Must be bi-directional)

Port 1720 (TCP) H.323 Call setup (Must be bi-directional)

Port 1731 (TCP): Audio call control (Must be bi-directional)

Ports 3230-3235 (TCP/UDP): Signaling and control for audio, call, video and data/FECC

Port 3603 (TCP): ViaVideo Web interface (ViaVideo users only)

So, a typical H.323 call would use 2 TCP fixed ports (3230-3231) and 6 UDP fixed ports (3230-3235) during the call.


All ports are also allowed out.


If it helps, we also cannot accept incoming calls from Zoom using their call out feature and the same public IPs.



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