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Polycom FX to Panasonic VC600 calls

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Polycom FX to Panasonic VC600 calls


I have a Polycom FX endpoint, i want it to make calls to Panasonic VC600. I set up the system following the Panasonic manual, but unfortunately i'm still not able to make any calls. Due to Panasonic specs, it uses all the same codecs, as Polycom does. Can you please provide any guidelines about the polycom settings i should make?

Thank you in advance.

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Re: Polycom FX to Panasonic VC600 calls

The ViewStation FX was announced end of sale in September, 2005 and went to end of life in 2010.


There is still some documentation on it posted on the Polycom Support web site at:  VS FX

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