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Polycom Group 500 Series Content Sharing

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Polycom Group 500 Series Content Sharing

Hi, due to an earlier inconvenient we updated the firmware on our Group 500, the problem we are having now is when we are Content Sharing from our end we see what we are sharing in both of our local screens, in one its in full screen, in the other it shares the screen with the rest of the cameras but it takes more space than them, so we are basically wasting display space by having multiple instances of the content beng shared. We tried changing the design of the monitors but it only afects the monitor with all the cameras and there is no option to stop showing the duplicate content.

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Re: Polycom Group 500 Series Content Sharing

Make sure Monitor 2 is set to Auto.  And on Monitor 1 is Auto and the Monitor Profile is set to "decide for me"

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