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Polycom Group 500 multipoint License


Polycom Group 500 multipoint License

In polycom realpresense Group series 500 multipoint, how type of license we need? One site or multipoint license need? 


EX. In cisco telepresense we need two license for two site conference. In polycom group 500 what do we need? please let me inform.

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Re: Polycom Group 500 multipoint License

Hello ibbulbul,

welcome to the Polycom Community.

You will only need one license on the codec hosting a conference.

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Steffen Baier

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Re: Polycom Group 500 multipoint License

Are you saying in a Cisco environment that each endpoint that participates in a endpoint hosted multipoint call needs a license? 


In a Polycom environment only the host of the multipoint conference needs to have the MP license, any other standards based EP can dial into, or be dialed into the conference from, the EP hosting the MP call.


The GS 500 can host a total of 6 EPs (itself +5) and the GS 700 can host 8 (itself +7).  In addition to audio and video, any of the EPs can send H.239 content and all EPs will receive it.


Just in case:
EP = endpoint

MP = Multipoint

GS = Group Series (RealPresence Group Series)

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Re: Polycom Group 500 multipoint License

Thanks for your answers.


A GS500 can make a group video call against 3 Endpoints GS300 simultaneously?

This doubt arises me because the SG300 does not support multipoint.

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Re: Polycom Group 500 multipoint License



GS500 uses the star schema to organize the multipoint call. As GS300 is connected only to  GS500 it treats this call as a p2p one.

Hope this could eliminate the doubt.

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Re: Polycom Group 500 multipoint License

Is Maintenance coverage required to upgrade a new Group 500 to multipoint?

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