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Polycom HDX 7000 and SIP calls

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Polycom HDX 7000 and SIP calls


We have 2 Polycom HDX 7000 and 8000's we use for IP calls. Recently we were asked if we can join a bridge via SIP. Had not come up before, forgive my limited knowledge of it. I see that SIP is enabled in the web console of the Polycom. But we don't have a SIP server, as I understand this is necessary. Any recommendations on which type of SIP server we should look into. Are there settings/configuration info we'll need from our ISP to make it work? 


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Re: Polycom HDX 7000 and SIP calls


It's always use full to post the currently used software version as this may depend on an answer provided.

This also allows yourself to check against matching software release notes.

You can make a simple Sip call from a Hdx to a FQDN or an IP address without having to register to a SIP server to my knowledge

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Re: Polycom HDX 7000 and SIP calls

You can simply search on internet for the different providers you can signup with,<removed by a moderator> come to mind, look at their offers to see which works for you. Alternatively, if you're good with technology you can learn how to build and manage your own sip server, a point to note though, this server needs to connect to a Public Swithed Telephone Network PSTN or internet telephony Service Provider ITSP to make and receive calls outside of your own server/network. Skype does provides SIP trunk services you may want to look at the services too.

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