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Polycom HDX7000 behind a Barracuda Load Balancer

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Polycom HDX7000 behind a Barracuda Load Balancer


We recently purchased a Polycom HDX7000. We have set it up and we can receive calls but we are having some trouble placing calls. We have two ISPs who assigns us 5 different public IPs. And we have a Barracuda Load Balancer that balances the Internet traffic. When we try to place a call to another Polycom HDX over the Internet, the Barracuda equipment assign us a different IP each time. This is because in the Barracuda you specify the IP to use for that traffic depending on the ports the traffic use. The thing is the Polycom HDX7000 uses a different port each time it tries to place a call. Anybody knows how to force the HDX to use only a set of ports? We would like to use a single Public IP, so we know what IP address we have to ask for permission on the endpoint firewall.


Thank you for your time.

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Re: Polycom HDX7000 behind a Barracuda Load Balancer

Sounds like more of a NAT issue.  The HDX needs a 1 to 1 NAT. Unless there is H323 packet inspection going on that allows for dynamic ports the entire range of ports for the HDX needs to be open.  These ports for your unit are listed in the Networking Firewall section of the HDX admin tools.

Unless you are using a gatekeeper that can keep track of the IP address change this is like having your cell phone number change on you each time you use it.

The HDX needs a static IP address.

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