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Polycom HDX8000 and Cisco ASA


Re: Polycom HDX8000 and Cisco ASA


To make it properly I allowed all ports on Cisco ASA I have one to one static NAT.



My ASA config

To allow polycom device from internal to outside

nat (inside) 10

access-list inside_access_in line 64 extended permit ip host

To allow polycom device from outside to inside
static (inside,Outside) netmask
access-list Outside_access_in line 41 extended permit ip host


Polcyom Device Config

On Polycom Device

NAT Configuration: Manual

Fixed Ports Checked

NAT Public WAN IP adresss: ( Fictitous IP)

NAT h323 is compatible: Turned Off.


Is there anything else i am missing ?



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Re: Polycom HDX8000 and Cisco ASA

Any suggestions ?



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Re: Polycom HDX8000 and Cisco ASA

Hello Samir,

welcome to the Polycom Community.

A member of the community has already attempted to help your with your Firewall issue.


Have you already contacted the Vendor of this firewall solution as they also have compatible Videoendpoints in their Portfolio.


If you require further urgent support please work with your Polycom reseller.

Please ensure to provide some feedback if this reply has helped you so other users can profit from your experience.

Best Regards

Steffen Baier

Polycom Global Services

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Re: Polycom HDX8000 and Cisco ASA

Seems a firewall issue,get it cheak by your firewall resaller.





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Re: Polycom HDX8000 and Cisco ASA

I do not belive that the Cisco ASA firewall is H.239 compatible. In your HDX system you can disable H.239 under Admin Settings > Network > Call Preferences. We had a problem with one of our previous units. Hope this Helps! 

It does help :)


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Re: Polycom HDX8000 and Cisco ASA

Nothing to do with the ASA; your ports are correct. The Plycom firmware NAT implementation is botched. DISABLE all NAT configuration on the Plycom end-point; configure it as if there IS NO NAT; that means NAT is disabled; no public IP none of this; just simple static private IP and keep the ASA configuration as it is


I bet you a dollar that will work like a charm. I spent about an hour trying to use the Polycom NAT configuration until it was clear that it's the culprit. The ASA will do all required translations and Polycom will be completely unaware it is behind NAT. And yes you will be able to accept incoming calls from the outside

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Re: Polycom HDX8000 and Cisco ASA



Boyan I know this is an very old thread. But still I have that problem.


Can you help more in that ?




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