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Polycom ISDN Gateway for RPGroup Deployed Countries

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Polycom ISDN Gateway for RPGroup Deployed Countries


I have tried to deploy an ISDN Gateway on PRI fractional in Ireland (Channels 1 to 15, NET5, no CRC) but there seems to be a protocol mismatch were Layer 2 doesn't kick in - I have tried the GA release, 1.0.2 HF and 2.0 beta; Layer 2 will kick in if I run an access test on an ISDN Tester and then immediately connect the line to the Gateway but, if I disconnect the line at the Gateway Layer 2 will not come up when I reconnect it (I have to run the ISDN tester again).

I know every country has its own flavour of ISDN so, I am just wondering  what countries in Europe have deployed the ISDN Gateway on PRI and if others have had this issue?

I do have a SR open and it has been escalated to Tier 3.




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