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Polycom Provisioning Ports


Polycom Provisioning Ports



We have a few Group 500 endpoints which we are deploying in Saudi Arabi and currently there are configured just as an external endpoint which we can call over a public IP (port forwarding to internal IP).


First off is it possibe to provision these endpoints by the Resource Manager we have in the UK?

If so, what are the ports that I need to open up either in the SA or in SA and the UK?


We have do have a RPAD in the UK. We already have the following ports open;


TCP 1719, 3230-3242, 80

UDP 3230-3285



TCP - Any

UDP - Any


When I attempt to provision the endpoint I get a "Automatic provisioning failed. An error occurred while obtaining the provisioning profile. Please contact your system administrator for assistance"


Does any idea's on the ports? I can't find anything on the web.... I seem to remember port 443 being required??


FYI - For the provision server address I have entered the RPAD's IP...




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Re: Polycom Provisioning Ports


Port 443 is required. For other ports needed for proper operation take a look at "RP RM System Operation Guide" -> "System Security and Port Usage" and "Admin's Guide for RPG Series" -> "Port Usage".


Hope this could help.

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