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Polycom RealPresence API

Brett Heroux
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Polycom RealPresence API

Hi all, I am working on creating a device driver for the RP Group Series targetting Firmware v6.1.x and have a few question. Does anyone know when Line status will be used over Call Status? I am assuming that Line Status is used when the system is using VOIP registered against a SIP Server. The documentation in the Real Presence Integrator Reference guide is poor at best in expected responses and the qualifications for the parameters inside those responses.


An example:linestatus

Registers the system to receive line status notifications as they occur, in the following format: notification:linestatus:<direction>:<call id>:<line id>:<channel id>:<connection status>


Does anyone know in what context line status will be used over call status, and what line id and channel id represent?


Thanks BH

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Re: Polycom RealPresence API

I believe that Linestatus was used for ISDN calls.  Line was each of the B channels as they came in and was then Bonded.


I went back thru the VSX IRM and it did not document the linestatus usage either.



Gary Miyakawa

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