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Polycom RealPresence Centro Call dropping after 30m 40sec

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Polycom RealPresence Centro Call dropping after 30m 40sec

We have a Polycom Real Presence Centro system in our office. After about 30min and 40seconds of being in a call we experience a video freeze. The call itself according to the web console is still active but the call itself stops all video and audio transmission. The call is being hosted on another provider,, 


This has only happened after an update to the system.

We have since rolledback all updates. 

Factory reset the device

Manually updated back to last known "good firmware"

Mirrored settings from known "good hardware"

Updated and removed firewall

Attempted call on each firmware including factory firmware

Enabled /disabled h.323 and SIP

Tried different network locations

Sent IM's and attachments via conference.

We have also tried to manually adjust KAIntervals via polycom support media, api does not recognize the commands via telnet or SSH.


Does anyone else have any ideas?







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