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Polycom Remotes

JD Rogers
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Polycom Remotes

Is it true that if you turn your polycom 9000 or 8000 remote on it's side it won't go to sleep?



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Re: Polycom Remotes

On the older VSX series, that was certainly true..   It is NOT true on the HDX (if you are using an HDX remote).   Laying the HDX remote on it's side has no effect on keeping the system awake (though, when you flip it on it's side, it WILL bring the system out of sleep for the duration set on the "Screen Saver Wait Time" setting.


If you need to keep it awake you have at least two options.


  1. Change the above setting to "Off".
  2. plug in a "mouse mover" like a mouse jiggler (google it).

Good Luck,


Gary M

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