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Polycom Touch Panel Frozen on Splash Screen

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Polycom Touch Panel Frozen on Splash Screen

Hello everyone,


I have an HDX8000 that is controlled by a Polycom touch panel, connected directly to the codec and using the PoE adapter.  The system and the panel have been working fine for the last couple years, but a couple days ago the touch panel rebooted at some point and now is stuck on the initial splash screen (shows the Polycom logo on the black and red background - picture attached).  It remains on the splash screen until power is physically cut to the panel.  Trying to boot again results in the same freeze on the splash screen.


The codec is running: Release - 3.0.5-22695

No idea if the panel did an auto-upgrade since I can't boot it to see the version.  It was using a compatible version, but can't confirm what its current version is.


I had our technician disconnect the panel from the codec and connect only the power.  Same results, frozen on splash screen.


I've searched the FAQs, knowledge base, and community for anyone reporting the same issue but couldn't find anything relevant.


Is there a way to hard reset the panel, or maybe something I can try with software installation from USB?





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Re: Polycom Touch Panel Frozen on Splash Screen



The procedure to Performing a Factory Restore on the Polycom Touch Control can be found in HDX (or RPG) Admin's Guide, Troubleshooting section.

Also take a look at >>> PTC upgrade direct from zip files <<<.


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