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Polycom VSX 6000a can't complete the call.

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Polycom VSX 6000a can't complete the call.

I cannot complete the call with 1 of our customers. I use Polycom-VSX 6000A.

Pin number is presented after IP address when I call. So I enter for instance:
where - IP address
5896 - pin number

The error is "Your call couldn't be completed because the call was routed through and intermediate network that doesn't service the far site. Contact your network administrator for assistance."

What this error massage can mean?
Is it possible to enter domain name instead of IP address in Polycom-VSX 6000A? I have suspicion that customer gave us wrong IP address.

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Re: Polycom VSX 6000a can't complete the call.

Any part of IP address must be between 0 and 255, so the address is definitely wrong.




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