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Polycom VSX8000 can't power on

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Polycom VSX8000 can't power on

Hi, this morning my VSX 8000 can't be power on when press the power button(yesterday morning was working fine). When I switched off the plug and on the plug, I could hear a sound like electric short circuit sound on TV and saw green light on VSX 8000 power button for only less then 1 second and went off. I tried many times still the same, so please anyone encountered this issue and can advise what is the problem with it?

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Re: Polycom VSX8000 can't power on

Hey Fiann,


The VSX 8000 are now quite old and from our experience, the internal PSUs are liable to fail. But this is not to say that there maybe another fault, however.


Most of our (if not all of the VSX 8000) are no longer under maintenance - in fact I not even sure if Polycom still provide maintenance cover. If you hav cover, then you would raise a fault with you Polycom dealer. If not, then you are probably on your own.


The last few VSX8000 of our (and we support many of these), we looked at the PSU and noted that several of the capacitors had looked as if they had burst (blown tops). We took the decision to replace the PSU, or in some case just replace the capacitors. In our case, this resolved the issue, but its a risk you will need to weigh up for yourself.


Polycom may also suggest that you could trade in the device, although I'm not sure if this needs to be in any kind of working order.


Just my own thoughts, as I do not represent Polycom.





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