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Polycom Viewstation FX Microphone Problem

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Polycom Viewstation FX Microphone Problem



I've ran into a weird problem. The microphone on our video-conference system stopped working after we unplugged and replugged all the cables. (We had to move the conference system temporarily).


Weird thing is, when I go into the Audio Settings to test the microphones, I do indeed get a response, and the meter is responding to my voice without problems. But after we tested with 2 different locations, both parties cannot hear us. (They heard us before with no problems)


The mic is definitely not on Mute. I don't think the mic or the cable is faulty, as the microphone test meter is indicating my voices are heard.


We can hear everything without problems, just that no one can hear us.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Re: Polycom Viewstation FX Microphone Problem

Do a near end loop back.  Found under the Diagnostics section. This will force the FX to call 'itself'. It does not go out over the network.  You should be able to see and hear your self.  If this works then you may have a network issue for the audio.  When the system moved did the network change also?

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