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Polycom group 500 call to itself

Faishal hasan
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Polycom group 500 call to itself


I connect to my group 500 from isp mc. For that it get a real ip. Now this time it genarate auto call by it's own ip address. How can i solve this problem?

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Re: Polycom group 500 call to itself

Sounds like someone put the system into a self-test loop.  You should be able to 'end' the loopback by hanging up.  If this is an on-going issue it is possible your system has been hacked, especially if you have not taken steps to protect it, like changing the default password.


If that is the case I would suggest your factory restore it, check the Admin Guide for how to do that.  Once the software has been restored follow best practices for protecting that computing resouce.

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