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Problem connecting to endpoints behind a bridge

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Problem connecting to endpoints behind a bridge

Polycom HDX 8000


We recently installed a Polycom HDX 8000 system on our network. It's just a single endpoint wiith no gatekeepers, etc.


We're still in the process of getting the unit fully configured by opening ports, etc. on our Cisco ASA.


We've noticed that if we try to dial an endpoint that is behind a bridge the call does not connect.


However, if we make an endpoint-to-endpoint call we get audio and video in both directions.


I'm not sure if there is a connection, but the numbers that we are attempting to call are all in this format:



We're just trying to find a direction with this one.

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JD Rogers
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Re: Problem connecting to endpoints behind a bridge

Not sure it it helps any, however the way we connect our units using our bridge (Cisco) was to create a sip address that our system could understand. Like: But for use inside our network we could use IP. 

and yes having ports open was a must for us. 

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