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Problem with polycom realpresence 500 group

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Problem with polycom realpresence 500 group

Hello all,

I will try to be as detailed as possible about the problem.

My company and me have problem with polycom video conferencing. We have multipoint license and we want to use mobile and laptop devices to connect to video conferencing. When we use video conferencing to video conferencing it works. And from another location via a public ip address. BUT big BUT, we have a problem with application for desktop or mobile. We try many time to set configuration, and open all ports, try to off or on nat, but when we connected to video conferencing, then we have a packet loss 100%. I try that in localhost, and see sometimes packet loss 12%, Jitter 35-50


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Hi @marinv,   You should check "Fixed Ports", set NAT to...

Hi @marinv,


You should check "Fixed Ports", set NAT to automatic. If no public IP is displayed, set NAT to "Manual" and type your public IP in. 

Important thing is to remember fixed ports which are displayed on this page (i.e. TCP 3230-32xx, UDP 3230- xxx). You´ll have to open all of these ports on your Firewall and forward them to the local IP of your Group. Don´t forget port TCP1720, unfortunately it´s not displayed there, but it is very important (call signaling).

After this configuration everyone should be able to call the public IP from outside your network. 

Are RP Desktop and Mobile users outside your company? The should do the same with their Firewall of course. 

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Re: Hi @marinv,   You should check "Fixed Ports", set NAT to...

Hi @mshu 

thank you for the answer. Yes I will try that method, but again someting still not working. See my pictures, I'm open all ports, and test when connected on video conferencing, which ports is opened. Again when I connect, I can't get the return image from the polycom, but the image and sound can be easily reached to polycom. 


IDK why, but other polycom witch we have ( 3 ),also don't work when someone wants to connect to public ip, but all ports are open.