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First of all, i use non-eagle-eye camera connected via component in to polycom hdx 8000.

here is my problem. I need to break camera power circuit while not in conference. Since about half an hour i power on the camera but got a blue screen on far codec(i can see picture on my own screen, my interlocutor doesn't). So, we send a command to codec via rs-232 to use 2nd camera(doesn't exist) as main and then power off my 1st camera. When i need to make a call we do a revers. 90% it's work. but sometimes i got an answer from polycom: "error: command not allowed on this screen" while try to move to 1st cam. Does anyone know what is the problem? i use "camera near 1(2)" to switch main camera. as i said betweentimes codec responses with an error.

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Re: Problem

Because you are turning off the camera power the HDX no longer will auto detect the camera when you power it back on.  You will have to power on the camera first then reboot the HDX so it will discover the camera.  The solution is to power on the camera first then power up the HDX.

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