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QDX 6000 hangs up in some minutes while connected!

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QDX 6000 hangs up in some minutes while connected!

My dear  friends!  


The strange thing happens with QDX 6000 (release  4.0.3._ne-3195) :  after connection established it normally works for few minutes, then the picture hangs, the system also stops reacting on remote IR commands and within 2-3 min. automatically restarts. After restart it works ok untill another call activated.  So it looks like a PC, which has been completely overloaded.

   I did the following: completely restarted in default- this took no effect.  Also looked at jitter and delay: some ms is ok for this. No overheating.Connection speed more than 80 mbps with a static IP. Conditions look to be perfect.  But the problem still being present.  Then I connected both systems locally on a table- work perfect!  Than I connected the suspected system to static IP again anв the problem came back.

So, I  think that this malfunction more network case rather than hardware bug. Could smb be kind to explain why Polycom device refuses to work at WAN with HW failure sympthoms and works properly at LAN settings?  Could the network conditions/setting be so significant to influence the HW part?  Thank You everybody for the patience.


Sincerely, Alexey. 

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Re: QDX 6000 hangs up in some minutes while connected!

Hard to say what the problem is.  We will need the logs from the system reproducing the issue and also from your bench test where it works. It also may be necessart to get a Wireshatk trace.

Give Polycom Support a call.



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Re: QDX 6000 hangs up in some minutes while connected!

Thank you in advance.  Today I plan to test it again on site and collect data in a log file.  First logs died after master reset. 

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