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QDX6000. Content and audio


QDX6000. Content and audio

Hi all !

Some questions about QDX (wihout second people monitor option). 

As content sourse I want to use  PC with VGA (DB15) video output and 3,5mm audio output jack (or 2xRCA).

1. Can I connect PC 3,5mm audio output (thru special cable of course) with QDX audio input "VCR IN" ?

     (As content source I select "computer" on QDX of course)

2. On far-end QDXs I have "content monitor" as second monitor connected with CV output (and VGA output on some QDXs).

    And how far-end-site people hears "content sound" ?




should I use PC with composite video output and 3,5mm audio output jack (or 2xRCA)

and connect PC to video VCR IN ?






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Re: QDX6000. Content and audio

Just associated the content video input with the audio input you are using.


The audio, when that video input is selected, is mixed into the audio mix and sent to the far end.  The output would be the same way as the conversational audio.

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Re: QDX6000. Content and audio

Does this mean that audio input VCR IN associated  with one of the four content video input  (VGA, AUX, VCR IN, DOCcam)  if one of this  content video input are select ?

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