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QS310 audio input question


QS310 audio input question



I have an interesting question to pose to you....

I have a GS310 that will be using HDMI Input for Content. However, I will be using an audio mixer for two wireless headset mics that I will be inputting to the GS310 via an 1/8" Male TRS Plug.


My question is this :

Because I am using HDMI for the Content Input, will that override my audio feed with the 1/8" plug? In other words, will it be expecting audio only from the HDMI Input, or will it still pass the analog 1/8" audio input through the system while the HDMI video is passing into it?


It is for a medical procedure where the content will be from a scoped image while the two doctors will be using wireless headset mics to provide commentary.


I won't get the chance to test this for a week or two, but I am wondering if anyone may know if this is viable?


Thank you for your support and advice!







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Re: QS310 audio input question

The GS has separate physical inputs for HDMI and audio. If you use the proper inputs for each input type, you should not have an issue.

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