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Question about Eagle Eye 3 resolution

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Question about Eagle Eye 3 resolution


is that possible to get 1080p25 or 1080i50/1080i60 with this camera when it connected to AJA component to sdi converter? 

It seems like camera uses 1080p30 as default, but this resolution doesn't supported by the converter :( 


The idea is: 

We have several Eagle Eye 3 cameras in our conferencing room and it's necessary to convert component video to HD-SDI signal and connect it to Video Mixer. Program HD-SDI out from the mixer connected to another converter from SDI to component. That scheme works perfect with another cameras which support resolution programming.



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Re: Question about Eagle Eye 3 resolution

The codec initializes the camera when it detects it as part of the boot up process.  It is not possible to initialize the camera without a Polycom codec. 


AMX and Crestron also have modules that can control the Polycom EagleEye camera and initialize them.

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