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RP Desktop cannot answer calls

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RP Desktop cannot answer calls

I cannot answer calls placed to any of my RP Desktop systems. Outbound calls work fine. Any ideas anyone?

I've tried the 2.3 update but no joy.




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Re: RP Desktop cannot answer calls

Hi Mark.


Were you able to come to any resolution regarding this issue?


We are seeing RPD having same issue of not answering, specifically on Windows 7 machines.  You can see the incoming call but nothing happens when you click the Answer button.  I believe it is windows firewall related, its our corp policy to have it running.  On the same Windows 7 machine, CMAD can answer calls.  We have added the following to the windows firewall exception list - 1719 udp, 1720 tcp, 3230 - 3237 udp and tcp, and realpresencedesktop.exe.  I do believe this is firewall related as CMAD would not answer until the 3230 - 3237 udp and tcp range was added to the exception list.



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