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RP Touch w/ Group 500 - Address Book Dialing Fails

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RP Touch w/ Group 500 - Address Book Dialing Fails

I opened a ticket but I'm curious if anyone is seeing what I'm seeing.


Group 500 - Release - 6.0.1-340040

RP Touch :    OS:  2.0.0-198   Panel Software: 6.0.1-340040



When dialing from the address book shown on the RP touch, the group 500 will dial the address book entry's name as the dial string, not the number actually listed in the address book entry.  Dialing from the web ui on the group works 100% of the time.


For example, a Polycom GDS address book entry name would be "Test - Room 123" with an address of "3000" and an IP of ""


Dialing from the RP touch would send a dial string of "Test - Room 123" to the DMA which is unresolved.  Dialing from the codec sends "3000".  This problem is intermittent, but it happens more frequently than not.  Seems to be more apparent right after provisioning the endpoint or after the provisioning check has occured.(set to default every 60 minutes)


This is reproducible across multiple rooms with Group 500s and RP Touchs.





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