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RP500 IP Dialing While Registered To A CMA4000 Gatekeeper

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RP500 IP Dialing While Registered To A CMA4000 Gatekeeper



This is a first time post for me and I apologize ahead of time for being a newbie. I don't have much experience with Polycom systems with regards to VC functionality. I do have a bit of video experience back when I worked at Nortel but that has been years ago.


Anyway, I am sure you guys have heard this before, but I inherited a few Polycom based VC rooms due to the SME moving on to another company. Recently I recieved a request for allowing a few local systems to be able to IP dial via the internet to a service provided by VidYo to allow video conference with a customer who uses the services. Both units involved are RealPresence500 endpoints and are registered to a gatekeeper running on our CMA4000 in our HQ site. 


I figured it would be as easy as setting up a public IP address STATIC NAT xlate on the local involved site firewalls and manually dial the IP address of the remote site via its IP address. This doesn't seem to work and I never see the connection attempt hit the firewall when I manually dialed. After some additional investigation, the reason for this was due to the request being sent to the h.323 gatekeeper that dropped the request because I guess it could not find a translation. I also noticed that if I deregistered the gatekeeper on the endpoints, I was then able to successfully IP dial the remote ip address via the local internet and the firewall connection.


Which leads me to my actual question. I am looking for a solution that will allow me to both leave the RealPrescence500 endpoints registered to the remote gatekeeper,for e.164 dialing,  as well as to be able to do local external IP dialing calls via the local unit and firewall connection. 


Any help or advise would be greatly appreciated.




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Re: RP500 IP Dialing While Registered To A CMA4000 Gatekeeper

Sounds like the Internet calls are not allowed for the site your units belong to. You need to contact with your CMA administrator. Take a look at CMA Operation Guide -> "Add/Edit Site Dialog Box" and "Routing Actions" for further details.


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